Private Hotel Transfer Rate 2011





Maximum Capacity

Charge / Car / Way

Airport – Kuta - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 110.000

Airport – Seminyak - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 125.000

Airport - Jimbaran - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 125.000

Airport – Nusa Dua - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 175.000

Airport - Sanur - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 150.000

Airport - Ubud - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 200.000

Airport - Tanah Lot - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 250.000

Airport - Lovina - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 550.000

Airport - Candi Dasa - Airport

 5 Pax

Rp. 350.000



The Rate Includes:
 One way air-conditioning vehicle
 Good driver
 Name sign
 * 4-5 people needs extra charge for luggage van with confirmation in advance


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Bali is small island, the area of 5620 square km approximately from south to north 80 km and from east to west 140 km, is only 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali has a tropical climate which is hot all year. The average temperature hovers around 30 C. There are dry and wet seasons, dry season from April to September and wet season from October to March. Bali has two active mountain Mount Batur 1717 m high and Mount Agung 3140 m high it's eruption in 1963. South and north of the central mountains are agricultural lands. West part of Bali has an interesting collection of animal and plant life, especially in the West Bali National Park.
Bali is a province one of 30 provinces in Indonesia. For the governmental administration purpose the island is devided into 9 regencies. Every regency consists of several districts and every district has several administrative village. Bali population with an estimated 3.5 million peoples at the moment, almost 90% is Balinese Hindu relegion. There are is a strong sense of Balinese cultural identity, based on a unique relegion, elaborate ritual, language and caste, there are 4 diferrent caste in Bali, Brahmana, Kesatria, Wesia and Sudra. The Brahmanas have the prefix Ida Bagus (male) and Ida Ayu (female), the Kesatria Anak Agung or Cokorda Agung (male) and Agung Ayu or Cokorda Ayu (female, the Wesia I Gusti Ngurah (male) and I Gusti Ayu (female) and for Sudra the first child is Wayan or Putu, the second child is Made, Kadek or Nengah, the third child is Nyoman or Komang and number fourth is Ketut.

Balinese language is another language entirely with completely different vocabulary and grammar with Indonesian language. Balinese is greatly complicated by it's caste influences, to describe the language in terms of three forms, Low Balinese, is used between friends or family and when speaking to same caste, Polite Balinese, is used for talking to superiors or strangers, High Balinese, is used to indicate respect for the person being addressed.

Until today Bali is still famous island to visit, many interesting place in different part of Bali, south of Bali including the Bukit Peninsula visit the the cliff top of Uluwatu temple and surfing area. Nusa Dua of the five star hotels, Tanjung Benoa for parasailing or other water sports, visit nice beach of Kuta beach, Sanur beach and Jimbaran Bay for swim at the beautiful beach and fresh seafood dinner as the sun goes down. In middle of Bali, visit Ubud area would be good for Bali day trip, plan to stop to see Bali Birds Park and Reptile Park including the Zoo Park, Ubud Monkey Forest and have lunch in one of Ubud's excellent restaurants and look around to buy some arts and handcrafts in the village and see them being made. Attractions near ubud include Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah), Tegallalang rice terraces, the water temple (Tirta Empul) and Gunung Kawi (Temple in in the rock) near tampaksiring. Mountains and north of Bali are interesting to visit include Mount Batur, Batur Lake, Bratan Lake, Tamblingan Lake and Buyan Lake, Gigit waterfall, Budhist Temple and Hot Spring water in Banjar Village and black send beach at Lovina Beach. The best view of clove tree and plantation of Munduk village, Jatiluwih village the most beautifull rice terraces in Bali and Tanah Lot Temple has nice view of sunset and rock formation.
East Bali, one of the most pleasant Bali day trip around the slopes of Mount Agung, Besakih Mother Temple, Putung village with nice views overlooking to Padang Bai Harbour and Candiasa Beach, the water palace Tirtagangga with peaceful area. Amed and Tulamben Beach are good place for snorkeling and diving.







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Tips for Women Travellers in Bali

Sexual harassment and rape are not too common in Bali, as far as foreigners are concerned. Many foreign women come to Bali looking for a holiday romance. Nothing wrong with that, just saying there is a well worn path, and many Bali beach boys, especially in the Kuta area, are actively trying to get together with foreign women, for the financial benefits. If this does not include you, don’t stress, be polite and say you are married. Many solo women travelers wear a ring, to indicate marriage. Ignore the pettier kinds of behavior (whistling, shouting, etc.), but make a scene if you are ever pressured into doing things against your will, or are being moved from one location to another. If you are raped / attacked, call the Bali Police, (0361) 224111, and contact your consulate.
-Dress code in Bali : Bali in a Hindu island and therefore enjoys relaxed attitudes to things of a sexual nature. Hindu art and Balinese dances, often contain deliberately suggestive material. On the beach you can go topless, without too much to worry about, though nude bathing is not cool.
Out at night you can wear pants, a dress, a skirt, or shorts, no worries. Indonesian women out late in the party scene often wear skimpy outfits, so you can enjoy the tropical climate, and not feel you have to cover up.
One place where you should cover up, is a Balinese temple. You’ll need a long sleeve, non-revealing shirt, sarong & sash (which you can often rent). You may not enter a Balinese temple during menstruation, as the Balinese consider you ‘sebel‘ (ritually unclean).
-Tampons, medicines and the Pill are available at local apoteks (pharmacies), but it’s more convenient to bring supplies from home. If you’re on the Pill, bring enough to last your entire trip (and remember that severe vomiting or diaorrhea can render it ineffective).
-Health care and pregnancy: Private healthcare in Bali is okay; if you find you’re pregnant during your trip, go to a nearby private doctor or hospital for advice. SOS International or BIMC are good clinics, both in the Kuta area. Most large hotel / resorts will have a doctor on call.
-Hospitals & Clinics in Bali.
Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, however, I know 2 people who have gone to a clinic in Bali, and had one, so ask around if you need one.
-Travelling in the rest of Indonesia:
The rest of Indonesia, with the exception of Jakarta, has way less foreigners. You will find yourself in the extreme minority, when traveling through Lombok, Java, Sumatra etc. While not generally dangerous, there are certain places that offer a higher degree of personal risk than others, including Papua, Aceh, Central Sulawesi. You should research your trip and talk to locals, for the latest news about your next destination.
The rest of Indonesia is either Muslim, Christian, or some variety of animist religion. When travelling in Muslim areas, its good for women to wear a non-revealing top, and long pants, definitely no sexy wear. Now, here’s the flip-side. In Jakarta you’ll find nightlclubs galore, that’s different. All across Indonesia there are whore houses galore, that still doesn’t mean its a good idea for you to wear sexy clothing. Locals will wonder why you are traveling in a foreign land without your ‘husband’, so you want to give them the impression you are just another traveler, so as not to draw attention. In general you will not have any major problems travelling as a female in Indonesia.