Traditional Barong Dance Performance, Elephant Safari Ride, Ubud market shopping and artisans villages tour.


Dance and drama have historically played an important role in Balinese society. We will take you to watch a very colorful traditional Balinese dance at Batubulan village called Barong dance. It represents the eternal fight of good and bad inspired by the Hindu story of Maha Baratha of India.
A scenic drive will then take you to the green Carang Sari village where you get the Elephant Camp. Enjoy 30 minutes elephant ride and have you lunch at an awe inspiring green view of Ayung river valley. The tour is continued to the famous Ubud village where you can shop till you drop.

Tour Code: DPT1
Departure: 08.30 am

Rate: US $ 68 net per person (all inclusive)

Mountain Cycling, Visit Bali Bird Park, 2 (two) hours Spa, Indonesian Food Dinner.

Tour Code: DPT2
Departure: 08.00 am

Rate: US $ 130 net per person (all inclusive)

Ayung River White Water Rafting, Elephant Safari Ride, Royal Family Temple, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot Temple Visit , Sea Food Dinner at Jimbaran Bay.

Tour Code: DPT3
Departure: 08.00 am

Rate: US $ 145 net per person (all inclusive)

Water Sport (Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, Parasailing = 3 activities), Water Fall and Balinese Country Side Life Drive, Monkey Forest, Shopping in Ubud with Indonesian food lunch.


Tour Code: DPT4

Departure: 09.00 am

Rate: US $ 60 net per person ( all inclusive)

Enjoy water sports (Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, Parasailing, one round each) at Tanjung Benoa water sport centre.

After that experience the thrill and joy of interacting with friendly dolphins at Dolphin Lodge Bali. Then enter a beautiful, relaxing tropical garden haven strolling amongst a wide variety of tropical flowers, foliage plants and exquisite orchid collection. There are always a wide variety of blooming orchids throughout the year ranging from the colorful and impressive Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Vandaceous hybrids. Also see Bulbophyllum species with fascinating flowers and large collection of species from many genera including Dendrobium, Eria, Coelogyne, Pharagmepedium, Rhynchostylus, and Phalaenopsis. Final stop is in Sanur village to enjoy a 2 hours massage at your choice: Stone massage, Balinese massage, Aromatherapy massage, Shiatsu massage.

Tour Code: DPT5
Departure: 09.00 am

Rate: US $ 135 net per person

Village Walk, Balinese Cooking Class at Paon Bali, Ubud Tour and Spa

Tour Code: DPT6
Departure: 08.00 am

Rate: US $ 95 net per person (all inclusive)


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Tips for Women Travellers in Bali

Sexual harassment and rape are not too common in Bali, as far as foreigners are concerned. Many foreign women come to Bali looking for a holiday romance. Nothing wrong with that, just saying there is a well worn path, and many Bali beach boys, especially in the Kuta area, are actively trying to get together with foreign women, for the financial benefits. If this does not include you, don’t stress, be polite and say you are married. Many solo women travelers wear a ring, to indicate marriage. Ignore the pettier kinds of behavior (whistling, shouting, etc.), but make a scene if you are ever pressured into doing things against your will, or are being moved from one location to another. If you are raped / attacked, call the Bali Police, (0361) 224111, and contact your consulate.
-Dress code in Bali : Bali in a Hindu island and therefore enjoys relaxed attitudes to things of a sexual nature. Hindu art and Balinese dances, often contain deliberately suggestive material. On the beach you can go topless, without too much to worry about, though nude bathing is not cool.
Out at night you can wear pants, a dress, a skirt, or shorts, no worries. Indonesian women out late in the party scene often wear skimpy outfits, so you can enjoy the tropical climate, and not feel you have to cover up.
One place where you should cover up, is a Balinese temple. You’ll need a long sleeve, non-revealing shirt, sarong & sash (which you can often rent). You may not enter a Balinese temple during menstruation, as the Balinese consider you ‘sebel‘ (ritually unclean).
-Tampons, medicines and the Pill are available at local apoteks (pharmacies), but it’s more convenient to bring supplies from home. If you’re on the Pill, bring enough to last your entire trip (and remember that severe vomiting or diaorrhea can render it ineffective).
-Health care and pregnancy: Private healthcare in Bali is okay; if you find you’re pregnant during your trip, go to a nearby private doctor or hospital for advice. SOS International or BIMC are good clinics, both in the Kuta area. Most large hotel / resorts will have a doctor on call.
-Hospitals & Clinics in Bali.
Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, however, I know 2 people who have gone to a clinic in Bali, and had one, so ask around if you need one.
-Travelling in the rest of Indonesia:
The rest of Indonesia, with the exception of Jakarta, has way less foreigners. You will find yourself in the extreme minority, when traveling through Lombok, Java, Sumatra etc. While not generally dangerous, there are certain places that offer a higher degree of personal risk than others, including Papua, Aceh, Central Sulawesi. You should research your trip and talk to locals, for the latest news about your next destination.
The rest of Indonesia is either Muslim, Christian, or some variety of animist religion. When travelling in Muslim areas, its good for women to wear a non-revealing top, and long pants, definitely no sexy wear. Now, here’s the flip-side. In Jakarta you’ll find nightlclubs galore, that’s different. All across Indonesia there are whore houses galore, that still doesn’t mean its a good idea for you to wear sexy clothing. Locals will wonder why you are traveling in a foreign land without your ‘husband’, so you want to give them the impression you are just another traveler, so as not to draw attention. In general you will not have any major problems travelling as a female in Indonesia.